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Now, before you read this this or any other Hooked On Phonics Reviews, let me explain to you my criteria for choosing a well balanced reading program. As an independent educational reviewer for numerous websites and newsletters, I have tried many reading programs that promised to teach my daughter how to read. The majority of them I determined to be too “dry” which means they do nothing to capture a child’s imagination and interest level.

You see, children need to be interested and a good reading program can do this by adding a “Fun Factor”. These “fun factors” could be engaging characters, the use of flashy colors, games that engages the child’s imagination, and the use of multimedia to teach and reinforce important principles.

In my quest for the best child reading programs, I tried using the following criteria:

  • Is the reading program fun for the child?
  • Is the program phonics based?
  • And does it contain interactive elements?

Using the above guidelines, and because Hooked On Phonics seems to be the most asked about reading program, I have written this summary of what you can expect with this popular system.

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Hooked On Phonics Reviews: The Summary

As a parent, you will love the organization of Hooked On Phonics. Basically, with Hooked On Phonics, you will be using a 4 step approach when teaching your child how to read.

Step 1: Learn
Your child will learn to recognize and read new words by watching the DVD and reading the workbook.

Step 2: Practice
Your child will practice all the new combinations of sounds and words that he or she learns about in the workbook

Step 3: Read
Your child will then get a chance to combine what they learn by reading a great story from one of the many storybooks.

Step 4: Celebrate
You will celebrate your child’s success after each lesson and track his or her progress.

When you open the box, depending on which level system you buy, you will find a number of storybooks, workbooks, 2 DVDs and access to a unique online learning center where you and your child will have access to educational online games, downloadable material, printable activity sheets, and customized book recommendations that will reinforce each individual lesson that your child has just completed .

There are reading road posters that are meant to hang on the wall. Along the “road” are the titles of the readers and the workbook stories. Every time a child reads a story or book, they can receive a sticker to place on the road to celebrate their success.

What Can You Expect With Hooked On Phonics

The DVDs that you receive will guide children through the alphabet using music video and will introduce each individual lesson plan in a fun manner that will keep children focused.

The workbooks are well done as well. They are colorful, and employ a variety of different activities to keep kids interested.

The Readers That Come With The Program Are Great

The books really are the highlight of the reading program. After all, it is important to have good early reading material so that kids receive the message that reading is fun and rewarding.

Too many educational reading courses and books are created in a dry, boring matter that forces children’s imagination to be anywhere else instead of reading

Children nowadays are so turned off by reading that it is important that parents introduce books that are not intimidating and will keep the child’s mind from wandering. The books contained in the system are a great introduction to reading and they will nurture a love of learning that will follow your child throughout their school years.

Hooked On Phonics Pros

  • Finally combines phonics with reading comprehension
  • Is very well organized
  • The company now provides customized reading programs available for all ages and skill levels
  • The books contained in the system are a great introduction to reading and they will nurture a love of learning that will follow your child throughout their school years

Hooked On Phonics Cons

  • Some parents may find it pricey but it’s well worth it if you want to improve your child’s reading skills because it reinforces the point that reading can be fun for your child

But let me tell you this..

Hooked On Phonics, along with any reading program you buy for your child requires some commitment on the part of both parent and child. Never expect that you can leave your child alone with any system and they will suddenly “get it”. You will need to go over the exercises with them and praise them when they reach certain goals and milestones.

For Example:

Here is a great video I found online of a loving mother supervising her beautiful daughter through various Hooked On Phonics DVD reading drills:

There Are Different Hooked On Phonics Programs Available Per Your Child’s Age and Needs

The makers of Hooked On Phonics have listened to both parents and educators and have created different Hooked On Phonics Reading Programs depending on the both the age and the skills of your child.

For example:

Hooked On Phonics Get Ready To Read Pre- Kindergarten System for ages 3 to 4

A great introduction to reading for children between the ages of 3-4. Children are introduced to letter names, letter sounds, and are taught phonemic awareness using letter and picture cards, workbooks, and CD-ROMs filled with games and alphabet songs. Plus, the program includes two original Video Jukebox DVDs and a huge game mat.

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Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read K-2 System for ages 4 to 8

If you feel that your child needs to practice sounding out words or stumbles over words when he reads out loud, then the “Learn To Read System” is the program you will need to help him or her develop a stronger reading foundation. This system is created for children ages 4 to 8. Because kids learn in different ways, “Learn To Read K-2” includes a variety of multisensory tools that appeal to visual, auditory, and experience-based learners.

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Hooked on Phonics Master Reader System for ages 7 and up

The “Master Reader System” is created for children ages 7 and up. “Master Reader” uses advanced phonics skills designed to help children read with speed and accuracy. Your child will learn to break down large words into parts so they can read more fluently and lessen the time and effort it takes to sound out each word. Contents include four levels of interactive computer games, 64 attention-grabbing stories, and an exciting Strange Museum chapter book series.

Hooked on Phonics Master Reader will give your child the confidence to read anything put in front of him.

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connie170 November 17, 2009 at 9:33 am

Interesting review. As a parent who used Hooked On Phonics along with other reading programs for my daughter, I can’t emphasize enough the role a parent must play when using these systems with their children. There are just too many distractions competing for our children’s attention and all the colorful workbooks, games and flashcards these programs contain will not be enough to keep the kids focused. The parent will need to keep the child motivated by using lots of encouragement and they must make a daily commitment of at least 1 hour a day so that the lessons become a routine that the child will look forward to. Most important, make the sessions fun for the child and he or she will not be able to wait for the next lesson to start